ISPmanager is a great web hosting control panel. With many features such as centralized administration from UNIX or Windows server cluster, flexible customization and Server Load distribution and data backup. You can manage server independently. A perfect solution for Dedicated Server or VPS Personal or Reseller Hosting


  • ISPmanager using software favored by server administrators
  • Each configuration changes are stored in the server and can be restored easily
  • You can use plug-ins to increase the functionality of your server
  • ISPmanager has an Open Source API
  • High efficiency with low system resource consumption
  • There are no restrictions in the use of software. You can create web domains, user accounts, databases and more as you wish
  • ISPmanager provide high security hosting
  • And many more


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The optimal solution for server virtualization management

With this software, you can partition your dedicated server to a virtual machine and use it on your pleasures. Adding cluster nodes quickly, easily optimize server load. Dynamic in distributing resources among virtual machines and build a failover infrastructure.

  • A centralized web-interface to manage hypervisors
  • Cluster settings can be changed on all servers at a time
  • Data storage locally or remotely
  • Virtual Machine Migration between nodes without having to turn off the Virtual Machine
  • Support primary IPv6 addresses and aliases to Virtual Machine
  • Diagnostics Available Cluster nodes
  • Technology Supported: OpenVZ and KVM
  • Restoration Virtual Machine on a node runs
  • Built-in HTML5 VNC client
  • Template operating system. You can easily modify the OS template according to your infrastructure
  • You can add new packages and modify the settings with just a few mouse clicks
  • Statistical information. Monitoring of resource consumption CPU / Memory Server uses graphs and tables
  • Flexible settings. Own a virtual machine has full access to its servers


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