1. Customer can only requests refund maximum 30 calendar days after the payment was made, If It has passed 30 Days after the payment, the payment will goes into Customer’s Account Credit / Deposit. If it has passed 45 Days then the fund cannot be processed / non refundable

2. Team Finance and Billing will verify the request, and if it’s approved, it will be refunded

3. Refunds can only be send to the same payment method as the Customer paid

4. Customer is required to submit data as follows:

-Proof of payment
-Invoice Number
-Customer’s name
-Phone number
-Payment Method

5. Minimum funds can be refunded is IDR 100,000 (before deduction – if any). If it’s under IDR 100.000, it will be automatically goes into DEPOSIT deducted by Convenience Fee (If any)

6. Account CREDIT/DEPOSIT cannot be cashed for any reason
7. Convenience Fee will not be converted into CREDIT/DEPOSIT account
8. Payment with Kredivo can only refunded to CREDIT/DEPOSIT account.
9. Payment with Paypal/Kredivo/Credit Card will be refunded to CREDIT/DEPOSIT deducted by Convenience Fee
10. If refunded payment amount more than IDR 500.000, then softcopy of your Bank Account and ID Card are required, you can send it via Support Ticket.
11. Transfer mistake will be charged with extra administration fee IDR 20.000 before any Convenience Fee (If any)


The Refund Administration Fee is as follows:

Payment Method (According to Invoice) Administration Fee Process Time (after request has been verified)
Bank (BCA / MANDIRI) IDR 5.000 7-14 Workdays
Bank Transfer (Other Bank – Indonesia) IDR 10.000 adm + IDR 7500 bea ATM Bersama 7-14 Workdays
Paypal Free (Currency differences are Customer risk – if any) 14-21 Workdays
Credit Card IDR 10.000 Adm + Adm cc 7-14 Workdays
Credit/Deposit GFN Account Free 7-14 Workdays
Kredivo 2.3% + IDR 5.000 7-14 Workdays


What can be Refunded?

  1. Payment error (Incorrect Transfer, Transfer Above Total Invoices)
  2. Order cancellation from GFN side (if order / service has not been activated)
  3. Cancellation of orders from the Customer side if:
  • Orders / services that have not been activated
  • Orders / services that the Customer cannot fulfill the requirements

Cancellation for an already active service/s cannot be made for any reason