Master Service Agreement

A. Service Description.

PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia provide Dedicated Server / Colocation Space and Internet connections in accordance with specifications and cost for the subscription that has been approved by the customer and PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia only serve the technical request by the name specified in the data base PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia.

Customer Need to Sign up with real data, valid Phone number and Valid Email Address, and will send a valid document identification (Scanned ID Card / Passport / Driving License) to PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia will verify validity of customer data before service Activation. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia only use Customer data for Administration and Identification Purposes and sending Information / News regarding Updates on PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia and Group.

B. Condition of Service

  1. Standard Service. Standard Service. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia obliged to maintain a dedicated server service external environment in the best possible for services to run well (Exclude Content / Server Management).
  2. Bandwidth Uptime. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia guarantee 98% network uptime. This does not include events beyond the control of PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia (Force Majeur), damage to hardware (dedicated server) or Operating System / software used by customers.
  3. Network Downtime Warranty. In the event of more than 2% (8.64 hours / month) occurred rupture / damage to the full network, then PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia must return fees paid by customers in accordance with the amount of downtime with details as follows:Prorate = (Time of Downtime : 720 hours ) x monthly basic service• Monthly basic fee does not include the additional service fees, software licensing, and others.
    • Downtime has been reduced by the amount of tolerance 8.64 Hours / Month. Return Fees will applied as Store credit and will deduct next month payment.
  4. Hardware warranty & replacement. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia provide all hardware for dedicated server service but for Colocation Server service all hardware provide by client itself. The Hardware for dedicated server is Guaranteed with maximum time is 3 x 12 Hours Replacement. This time replacement does not include time for reconfiguring and reinstalling software or mitigation.
  5. Monitoring. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia monitors network connectivity to servers periodically for customers everyday, and will provide standard support services, such as; reboot/power on /power off the server.
  6. Additional services. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia will provide additional services for managing servers rented by the customer in accordance with the agreed fee, and will not interfere of website content that is placed by the customer, unless the content violates the Law on Electronic Transactions Indonesia, or contain elements of spam/Trojan/virus/adult
  7. Backup Services. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia will provide backup service in accordance with customer demand, and will regularly back up data backup to a separate place. The Backup services is Optional, and Customer can sign up for Extra backup services. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia not responsible if data loss occurs from the results of these backups on a regular basis even though the PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia do separate backups.
  8. IP Address. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia arrange IP allocations rented by the Customer during the contract period, and Customer understand that the leased IP address is not absolute and may be modified at any time if necessary, all use of IP addresses is subject to the rules of the Asia Pacific Network Information Center ("APNIC ") and Indonesia Network Information Center (IDNIC).
  9. Force Majeure. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia not responsible for any interruption of services provided of all circumstances that occurred due to matters beyond the limits of PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia capabilities, such as a riot, Fire, Flooded, Earthquake, War, and other emergency situations.
  10. Limitation of Liability. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia any reason not responsible for any loss of customers either is directly or indirectly, OF INCIDENTAL or a similar loss for any loss due to losing of income or that are expected the real profits or lose a customer of data due outage services from PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia.
  11. Operating System. CentOS is community enterprise OS, Microsoft Windows is Product of Microsoft. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia is not responsible if there was any problem occurs by using this product
  12. Control Panel. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia may provided Control panel by client request with agreed price. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia are not responsible for error or loss occurred by using this control panel.
  13. Contract Termination. Termination can be done unilaterally by PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia if the contents from the customer's server is: Adult Material (Porn), Contract Violation, Gambling, Spamming, hacking, and everything violate the law in the Republic of Indonesia and International Law. Customer is prohibited to transfer, or sell is contract to other party.
  14. Service Termination Server service termination can be requested by customers with submitting a written request through the client account portal. Please inform us 30 days before contract expired. Especially for the Dedicated Server service, the service termination request may submitted maximum in 15 days before contract expires. If you do not do this written request, then the Customer will be charged the full subscription according by a service hired, and CUSTOMER MUST PAY REST OF BILLS A CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY. All customer data from a service that has been terminated the lease will be terminated for security and privacy reasons, unless required for Legal action.
  15. Suspension. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia has the right to temporary suspended an internet connection at the server of customers. in case delay in payment due date in 7 days from the bill. Or there is a special request from the theauth orities/police if the associated problems of civil law/criminal or the special investigation. For Cloud Services, PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia will suspend the Cloud by 1 Days after payment due. Customer can ask for data backup using Backup Services to CD or DVD. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia also has right to temporary suspend Server or Internet Connection if customer getting attack or doing attack (DDOS), Spamming, Phising, or causing damage to our network. Customer need to Maintain their server and doing routine task to make sure their server is secure- or using Manage Services to handle that case.
  16. Termination. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia unable to continue service rented to customers in case violation of the rules listed in the contract that was created by PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia and has been agreed by the customers. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia will erase data from a server that is not paid within 15 days after the due date billing. For Cloud Services, PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia will terminate data from a cloud server after 7 the due date billing. Customer cannot ask for the data backup after termination.
  17. Support Service. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia provide technical support services 24 hours with the procedures presented by PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia to easier to identify requester support and also the security from the leased customers service. Telephone support service provided to customers only in accordance with the phone number listed in PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia and only 1 contact person is entitled to ask support. Customer required to made official leter from the contact person who listed if want to transfer support services to other parties within a specific time.
  18. Applicable Law This agreement is valid after the customers & PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia signed on stamp duty and will be subject to the law in force in Indonesia and International law. Both parties pledged to maintain the confidentiality of all information in any form (whether verbal or written) whether it belongs PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia or customers and will not print or publish or distribute to any party.
  19. Customer Who Not Pay. Customer are agree to not have access to physical server or equipment, if payment not made, and will not bring server outside PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia area if still have overdue. If customer does not pay entire payment due within 3 Months after contract ended / terminated, PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia will bring server to auction (if applicable) and use remaining balance from auction as a penalties for unpaid payment.
  20. Professional Partnership. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia keep the professionalism partnership between Clients and All teams of PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia. It showed by keeping a good communication, using a polite words and a good language also evade any kind of threats
  21. Warehouse. Customer are agree that PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia warehouse, is not use for stored customer equipment for more than 1 month after contract ended. We will charge monthly basis IDR 1.000.000,00 for each equipment’s, until customer takes the equipment. Customer are agree that warehouse rental fee that not paid for more than 3 months - or - customer not pay warehouse rental, is outside PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia responsible for any damage -or- looses -or- misuse -or- storage. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia will bring server to auction (if applicable) and use remaining balance from auction (if applicable) as a penalties for unpaid payment.
  22. Refund. PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia does not provide Refund for any transaction. Store Credit cannot converted to cash or transferred.
  23. Supplement. Both parties agree to provide additional chapter (addendum) If there is an agreement outside the contract clause, and will make a new contract if required by the customers or PT Jejaring Cepat Indonesia.
  24. Cpanel License Late Fee.
    Invoice CPanel License should be paid before due date. in case late, there will be a late fee that cost 1 month of CPanel License fee (accumulated). this rule base on CPanel rules.