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Cloud VPS
Cloud Virtual Private Server is a server technology that split a server into multiple virtual servers with an independent configuration of OS and software for each virtual servers
Colocation Server
Colocation Server is a service to placed your own server into the Goldenfast Networks Data Center
Manage The Box
This Service is useful to help your Administration Server run with excellence
Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server is a server that can be deployed and managed entirely. You will not be limited by the distribution of server resources
Backup Storage
We provide A storage for your backup data, you can use FTP software or automated backup software to place the backup data in our data storage.
Software Licensing
We provide licensed software for your server needs
Device Utilization

Server Device Utilization now increasing as rapidly as IT Development. The Server from Goldenfast Networks are suitable for your various needs that require maximum resource, fast network speed and reliable support.


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